Lions and Tigers and Bears! O’Donnell!

Now that Christine O’Donnell is the Republican nominee for the Delaware Senate seat, the media have been working on her narrative.  Some of the highlights thus far:

Coed dorms are a slippery slope to orgies and menage a trois

O’Donnell explains how masturbation is the same as adultery

courtesy of

An ex-aide was  ex-gay but has now been infected with gayness again  (this aide clearly demonstrates that heterosexuality is a house of cardsThanks to Kelly B for the link.)

Cancer is an act of God and the (big government!) spends too much money on AIDS

Evolution is a farce

O’Donnell bought a mattress with campaign funds.  She pays much of the rent on her town house with campaign funds claiming that it is her campaign headquarters.  Apparently her bedroom is also her office.

Here’s the takeaway lesson from the success of people like Sarah Palin and the emergence of people like Christine O’Donnell: need a job, need money, but have no discernible skill set?  No problem.  Just get involved with Republican/conservative politics.  Problems solved.

The GOP: Stupidity is a virtue!


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