In Order To Make Your Flight Even More Unpleasant …

I’m not quite sure what to make of this, so I think I’ll take the compliment sandwich approach.

Compliment: The flight attendant appears kinda hot, so that’s good.

Criticisms: 1) Passengers are forced to listen to Lady Gaga.  2) This performance clearly distracts from the objective of ignoring the pre-flight safety demonstration.  3) I think it would make me feel a little embarrassed for the poor flight attendants who were forced to do this.  4) What exactly is the correct social protocol here?  Do I gape at the flight attendant? Do I point and laugh?  Do I give an awkward applause at the end as the passengers did?  5) Do we really need to further caricature Asians?  I think Japanese game shows already have that covered.  Sheesh.

Compliment: Uh … the flight attendant looks kinda hot.

(note: this video has also been disabled due to TOS violation.  It can be viewed here.)


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