I’m A Bigot And I Support This Ad

I love racist humor.  I love ethnic humor, gender humor, religious humor, regional humor, and pretty much any cultural humor that paints with a broad brush.  I like it because I find it to be intrinsically satirical.  The absurdity of stereotypes seems to be an ironic lampoon of the person speaking.  It’s as if the joke is mocking itself.  I like this.  But I’ve come to realize that my entire prism is cut with the (apparently erroneous) assumption that racism, for example, is becoming a cartoonish antiquity.  It’s easy for me to feel this way since I’ve always lived amongst a cloistered, Kumbaya, up-with-people, bed-wetting liberal tribe.  The last 18 months, however, have left me feeling more than a little embarrassed by my naivete.

When I first saw this Sharron I’m- a-Fucking-Lunatic Angle political ad, I was reflexively reminded of the infamous Jesse Helms Hands commercial.  And based on a cursory search of today’s headlines, I’m certainly not the only one.

First, let’s take a stroll down Amnesia Lane and watch Helms’ ad.

Whoa.  Nothin’ subtle about that.  If dumbassified conservative rednecks got the message, then the message can’t be coyly dismissed as a cynical misunderstanding.

Now let’s look at Sharron Did-I-mention-She’s-a-Fucking-Lunatic? Angle’s commercial.

(note:  the following video has been disabled due to a TOS violation.  It can be viewed at this link.)

Well, there ya have it.  Angle summonsed her inner-Dixiecrat and went with the ol’ reliable I hate them thar colored peope too! card.

Julia — my rad, honky, bilingual, dotcom-workin’, keepin’-it-real-in-da-West-Seattle-‘hood  friend — sent this entertaining article to me.  The author does a good job summarizing our state of affairs.  The author points out that ethnic minorities currently under relentless assault by good God-fearing, patriotic, Reich-Wing Americans include African-Americans, Mexicans and Muslims, either directly or indirectly by going after organizations, projects or policies that support them.

Racism is not only alive and well in America, it seems to be in the DNA of vast swaths of our population.

This dude gives an intolerant, unapologetic shove off the poopdeck to every Republican and unaffiliated conservative.  Sorry, red-staters, but I’m hateful and paint with broad strokes, too.  And what I lack in guns and ammo, I make up for with a keyboard and dictionary.  Your move, Cleetus.


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