Just Don’t Call Them Dumb

Don’t call teabaggers dumb.  They don’t like that.  Besides, it’s an inadequate adjective.

This cartoon does a pretty good job summarizing teabaggers.   Unfortunately, though, teabaggers are caught in a Catch-22: they are too dumb to understand how dumb they are.   It’s a horrible self-perpetuating cycle.  And, therefore, it’s no surprise that Reich-Wingers want to eliminate the Dept. Of Education.  All that liberal, elitist, stewpid book larnin’ and whatnot.

Instead of calling the ‘baggers dumb, I suggest using the more comprehensive description used in this cartoon: “painfully ignorant, bigoted fuck-turds.”


Speaking of dumb and teabaggers (redundant??), Jon Stewart’s Rally To Restore Sanity is on Saturday in D.C.  The Huffington Post has a collection of signs that will be seen at the rally and also has a template to make your own.  There are a bunch of witty signs at the website.

When teabaggers see these signs, they will have a sense that they are being mocked, but probably won’t be able to actually identify what specifically the mockery is.  They remind me of a quote from The Hangover: “You are literally too dumb to insult.”


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