Cut Taxes and Spend (More) Conservatives

We’re all familiar with the antiquated and erroneous slogans from conservatives.  The “tax and spend liberals” rhetoric is particularly entertaining if for nothing other than ‘tax and spend’ is, by definition, exactly what government is designed to do.  It’s like the ‘liberal media’ myth; that is, both slogans are still going strong even though they’ve been outdated for at least 40 years.  It’s much easier to regurgitate short, easily remembered talking points than to actually think.  It’s like conservatives are all stuck in the 50’s, living in the land that time forgot.

Let’s take a look at a comparison between those darn “tax and spend liberals” and those “fiscal conservatives” of the GOP. (click on image to enlarge)

Yikes.  And that doesn’t even include Bush’s last three budgets (one of which he left for Obama) which were the worst of his lot.  Republicans are really, really, really bad at this economy stuff.  But what do you expect from people who say that tax cuts for the wealthy result in more tax revenue?  Morons.


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