Orange You Glad You Elected Us?

John Boehner and his orange tan

The GOP fucks us over again!  And they didn’t even wait a full day to do it.

One day after the election that gave the GOP control of the House, John Boehner, the next Speaker of the House and Syracuse University mascot, started to outline the Republican agenda.  Talking on NPR, Boehner said, “I think one of the things that Congress has not done a very good job of over the last 15 years is real oversight. And I’m not talking about gotcha oversight.”  Well, this is great news!  Not the petty, vindictive, political, witch hunt-type of oversight.  He’s talking about “real” oversight.

John Boehner is also the Syracuse mascot

After suffering through catastrophic credit and banking and housing crises caused laregly by unregulated Wall Street greed, Boehner and the GOP are going to focus on oversight so this doesn’t happen again.

Boehner continued in his interview, “I’m talking about rock solid oversight of the executive branch, which is a constitutional responsibility of the Congress.”  Oh.  Whoops.

I get it.  Not oversight of Wall Street; it’s oversight of President Obama.  And when he says not “gotcha oversight,” he means exactly “gotcha oversight.”  Boehner is reiterating what other Republicans have said they will do if they took control of the House.  As the Boston Globe reported, “Representative Eric Cantor of Virginia wants every committee chairman to investigate administration programs to make sure taxpayers are getting their money’s worth. He’s proposing an “oversight’’ hearing of the week. He wants to limit to one day each month votes on inconsequential issues such as renaming post offices, so committees can work on investigations.”  Gee, that’s super.  Just super.  I guess they didn’t get enough of this fun stuff with Clinton.  One day per month for just investigation votes.  Now that’s how ya govern, baby!

But perhaps you’re thinking that the GOP can multitask; that they can provide oversight of many different people and industries at the same time.  Republicans incessantly railed against the bank bailouts* for which the Democrats paid dearly in the election.  There’s no way Republicans would allow Wall Street to once again cause the worst economy since the Great Depression, right?  Er, nope.  That’s far too ethical for the GOP.

The day after the election Spencer Bachus (R- AL), the next chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, sent a letter to federal legislators ordering them not to enforce the Dodd-Frank Financial Oversight Bill.  The Dodd-Frank act was designed for the specific purpose of regulating the risky, greedy Wall Street practices that caused our economy to collapse.  The Dodd-Frank bill prohibits federally insured banks from partaking in high-risk casino gambling-like investments that left American taxpayers on the hook for $2.5 trillion (trillion with a T!).

Let’s pause here to summarize: Greedy Wall Street causes economic crisis.  Government forced to bailout banks in order to avoid worldwide depression.  Republicans attack Obama and Democrats for bailouts.  Democrats pass regulation legislation so that history cannot be repeated.  Republicans undo regulation and sets Wall St. free.

All of this because companies like Goldman Sachs and Bank of America don’t want their profits to be limited.  Wall Street funneled oodles of money to Republicans for their election campaigns and now the Republicans are paying back the favors.

Imagine that.

And the Republican base eats this shit up.  It’s determined, willful ignorance and there’s nothing we can do about it.  Hell, these are the same morons who actually believe that tax cuts increase tax revenue.  Ya just can’t counteract that sort of ordained stupidity.

We’re all doomed.

Because Republicans are fucking retarded.

And they’re actually allowed to vote.

(* TARP, the bank bailout, was Bush’s legislation.  Republicans just like to blame Obama and Democrats for it and they make sure FOX keeps its stupid audience misinformed.  It’s a neat trick: What is the Democrats’ fault is the Democrats’ fault.  What is the Republicans’ fault is also the Democrats’ fault.)


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