The Neat Trick

The other day I mentioned the neat trick republicans use as part of their regular rhetoric.  That is, what is the democrats’ fault is the democrats’ fault, and what is the republicans’ fault is also the democrats’ fault.  They did this with TARP, which was Bush’s legislation and for which the republicans blame democrats.  It looks like the GOP has once again pulled their neat trick outta their sleeve.

During my entire lifetime conservatives have been whining about pork barrel spending and earmarks.  Even though discretionary spending is a relatively small amount of our total budget, approximately 60% of that is spent on defense and defense-related expenses.  But republicans relentlessly blame our deficits and debt on earmarks and make sure to blame those darn “tax and spend liberals” for that practice.  I addressed this issue yesterday as well.  Now that some radical teabaggers have been elected to congress — teabaggers who were elected in large part because they vowed to eliminate earmarks — the GOP is scrambling to save itself from, er, themselves.  They need to find a way to change the public perception they created in order to protect their financial babies.  And it looks like they’re going to try to rewrite history again and blame democrats.  Yup, it’s the neat trick all over again.

Speaking on the Faux News Network, Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) said, “The problem is, the public has been brainwashed to thinking that — and by a — a lot of these are the very liberal members of Congress — into thinking that earmarks somehow are all bad.”

Well, there ya have it.  No longer are earmarks bad and no longer are earmarks the evil domain of liberals and democrats, but rather, earmarks are good and liberals have brainwashed the public into thinking that they’re bad.

GOP revisionism knows no bounds.  I guess this is one reason they seem to abhor public education in general; ie, it would make their revisionism suspicious to even their ignorant, FOX-watching base.  A couple of significant and recent examples:

Cap and Trade — This was originally a republican idea.  It was lauded as a free market solution to pollution.  Science didn’t become evil socialism until Al Gore became a climate change activist.

Obamacare — Much of the health care reform legislation were republican ideas in years past.  They didn’t think the ideas would result in the end of civilization as we know it until a democrat was going to get credit for it.  And even then they added hundreds of amendments to the final bill which, apparently, they think are also awful democratic ideas.

Jackasses.  That’s all I can really say.  And I betcha the FOX & talk radio crowds are going to start seeing earmarks favorably and follow Inhofe’s lead.  That’s what the lemmings always do.

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