Nothin’ Cynical Here

Eva Longoria -- not bad ... if you're into that sort of thing

Actress Eva Longoria filed for divorce on Wednesday from NBA player Tony Parker.  According to the article at, the couple has a prenuptial  agreement.  However, “she also wants to receive spousal support from Parker but not pay any to him.”  Totally coincidentally, I’m sure, Parker signed a lucrative contract extension two weeks ago.

Gee, imagine that.  Sometimes timing is just lucky.

According to the intergoogles — which is always accurate and reliable — Longoria is the seventh highest paid television star earning $250,000 per episode.  Wikipedia lists 134 Desperate Housewives episodes to date.  That pans out to earnings of $33.5 million.  Yeah, I can totally see why she needs and deserves spousal support.

(Editorial note: we here at the poopdeck rarely follow celebrity gossip and have never seen an episode of Longoria’s Desperate Housewives tv show.  For the sake of dude integrity, it should be duly noted that this story was stumbled upon at a very manly, totally macho sports website.  We refuse to apologize for having eyes that work.)


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