Ka-ching! The Kardashian Kard!

34-23-32 ... 89, the cumulutive IQ of the Kardashians

Unless you’ve been vigilantly Keeping Up With The Kardashians like me, you might not be aware of the girls’ recent social entrepreneurship.  What’s their socially responsible product?  A prepaid debit card designed for teens.  Oh, those Krazy Kardashians are so darn philanthropic.

The K-Kard (I made that up myself because I’m wicked witty and have my alliteration mojo goin’ on) only costs $99.95 per year and $7.95 per month.  That’s not predatory at all.  Not a bit.  Nor is it unethical to target hero-worshipping, impressionable teens.  In fact, it is a socially-responsible educational tool. As explained by the Kardashian’s professional spokeswoman, the card will “teach younger adults how to better manage their money.”  Seriously.  She said that.

Ain’t America great?  It’s where you can be famous for being famous and then use your fame to exploit vulnerable kids for money!

Ever notice the similarities between the Kardashians and Sarah Palin?  Both are bimbos; both are celebrities; both are only famous for being famous; both make their money in the world of gossip/voyeur TV; both market themselves via Twitter and Facebook; both exploit people who are too dumb or naïve to know better, and both are laughing all the way to their Cayman Islands bank.

All of this proves, once again, that there’s big bucks in stupidity.  If you’re not burdened by principles and morals, you too can be fabulous and wealthy!  Just think low.  Very low.


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