Birther Bitch Slapped

For those of you who think this headline is misogynistic, I have only one thing to say: stop being such a girl!  This is my poopdeck and we welcome all derogatory language here.  Besides, this is a bone I’m throwing to all my passionate and loyal conservative readers who have explicitly expressed to me the esteem they assign to my blog.*

Depending on which poll you read, 58% of Americans are not certain Barack Obama is a natural-born citizen and

Orly Taitz -- she is exactly as crazy as she looks

almost 30% are certain or almost certain that he is not.  The merry band of dipshits who promote various specious arguments that Obama is a foreigner are affectionately known as Birthers to those of us whose knuckles do not drag on the ground.  Orly Taitz, the Birther Queen, is perhaps the most (in)famous of these lunatics who was ultimately sanctioned by the federal courts for her frivolous lawsuits seeking to discredit Obama’s citizenship.  It took a $20,000 fine for Taitz, a lawyer and a dentist and a real estate agent, to finally go away.  But other birthers are far more determined two years after Obama was elected.

How can so many people believe such Birther nonsense?  A combination of the Republican rubber room/echo chamber and a strong desire to believe their preconceived conclusions.  WorldNetDaily, which I mentioned in my Rubber Room post, has a website page with over 100 articles perpetuating the Birther myth.  (I stopped counting at 100 and it looked like I had only got through half.)

Earlier this week, Anderson Cooper of CNN interviewed Texas State Representative Leo Berman (a Republican.  Shocking, I know.) who is a Birther with legislative authority.  The Huffington Post explains Berman and his objective thusly:

(Obama is) a man that (Berman) has before characterized as “God’s punishment on us,” by introducing a bill that would require future presidential and vice-presidential candidates to produce “the original birth certificate indicating that the person is a natural-born United States citizen” to the Texas secretary of state.

Thankfully I don’t think even Texas is crazy enough to pass this bill, and thanks to Anderson Cooper we finally have a journalist who will directly confront this nonsense that has largely been ignored by the mainstream media.  Cooper takes Berman to the woodshed on his program and actually had the temerity to present irrefutable facts to Birther Berman.  Particularly humorous are the claims that Obama has not provided his birth certificate to the public (which he has) and his argument that Obama’s parents’ place of birth is not identified on Obama’s birth certificate.  Not only is Birther Berman unaware that Obama’s parents’ place of birth is not germane to his citizenship status, birth certificates generally do not include such information about the parents.

(Here’s the URL to the interview if/when the video below is disabled for TOS violation.)

* The poopdeck was recently attacked by reich-wing trolls.  Hundreds of very angry and marginally literate comments were made overnight.  I was forced to delete all comments and disable the function indefinitely.  However, I do want to show consideration to these angry, stupid white males and have thus used language with which they will find resonance and comfort.  Hence the Bitch Slap.


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