All Hands On (the poop)Deck!

Hat tip to Michael H for the pic

It’s that time of year again: the annual War on Christmas has begun!

It’s the time of year when the martyrs unpack their persecution armor along with their stockings and mangers.  It’s the time of year when the inclusive (Happy Holidays!) offend the exclusive (Merry CHRISTmas!) It’s the time of year when atheists (and agnostics and Jews and Buddhists) are told how (unknowingly) hostile they are.  It’s the time of year when we’re reminded of the demise of this once proud and ubiquitous holiday.  It’s the time of year when Bible thumpers tell us all sorts of things we didn’t previously know about ourselves.

There’s even a website for Christmas Warriors.  If you didn’t realize what an asshole you were before, just check out and see for yourself.

If you’ve had your liberal, heathen, Christian-hating head in the sand and don’t realize that Xmas is already under siege, the National Catholic Register has a report from the front lines with very promising news.

Advent has just started, but the war over Christmas is already underway, and for the most part, it appears that Christmas is winning. In New York, it’s a battle of billboards. In Philadelphia, battle over a word. Retailers, meanwhile are increasingly embracing “Christmas” in their advertising and promotions.
In New York, the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights has sponsored a Christmas billboard outside the Lincoln Tunnel in response to a Christmas-debunking billboard sponsored by American Atheists.
The battling billboards are posted on opposite sides of the Lincoln Tunnel. The Catholic League’s billboard is on the New York side. The American Atheists billboard is on the New Jersey side.

Thank god that, er, God is on their side!  (and atheists live in Jersey!) Christmas is winning!  Christmas is winning!

Let there be no mistake: Jesus loves Santa.

And hates New Jersey.


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