Victory Is Mine!

KKK: Kim, Khloe, Kourtney

Apparently the Kardashians are regular readers of the poopdeck.

After skewering the Kardashian Klan (I still have that alliteration mojo!) on this blog for their predatory debit card for teens, Team Bimbo has canceled its contract with University National Bank and will no longer be affiliated with the product.

Although the credit mavens claimed their card would be a valuable educational tool that would teach teens how to better manage money, the Connecticut Attorney General tarnished the shine on their silicone boobs facade:

“Keeping up with the Kardashians is impossible with this card, where consumers lose money before they use money. Even before consumers spend a dime, the Kardashian Kard fees swallow the card’s value,” Blumenthal said in a statement Monday after news that the Kardashians were cutting ties to the card.

little Stewie hates the Klan, too

While the lawsuit may be sensationalized as the coup de grace by the media, it’s quite obvious that it was the social activism at the poopdeck which precipitated the righting of this wrong.  Clearly.

To quote Stewie Griffin from the Family Guy: “Victory is mine!


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