Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Online

Well, it’s not exactly revenge; it’s more like a passive-aggressive tantrum.  But it’s funny nonetheless.

After discovering that his girlfriend cheated on him, a jilted beau logged in to his philandering ex’s Netflix queue and spent hours rating movies about betrayal.  By rating these movies, the girlfriend would be provided with movie suggestions that would always remind her of what she did (and who she is).

A posted screen grab of the Netflix recommendations his girlfriend received include The Scarlet Letter, Unfaithful, Indecent Proposal, Whore and Slutty Summer.  (Somehow Bambi also made it onto the suggestion page, but that doesn’t distract too much from the point; it’s just a funny bonus to the story.)

It’s not exactly the boldest response to a cheating ex, but he deserves credit for thinking outside the box.

Netflix Guy gets 3 and a half shits from the poopdeck.



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