The Curious Case of the Fox and the Dipshit

he gunna git him some redneck fer dinner

A hunter in Belarus was recently shot by … a fox. Not a hot chick. I’m talking about the small, omnivorous mammal type of fox.

Apparently the hunter wounded the fox and then tried to bludgeon it to death with the butt of his rifle. The wily fox managed to pull the trigger on the hunter’s rifle, shooting him in the leg before escaping.

According to AOL News, this isn’t the first time an animal has shot a person. In 2005 a Michigan state trooper was shot with his 9mm handgun by his cat. In 2007 an Iowa man was shot with over 100 shotgun pellets by his dog, and in 2010 a California man was shot in the back by his Labrador Retriever while duck hunting.

I can understand the cat shooting. In fact, I expect that from a cat. But I’m a little surprised by the dogs since they’re so forgiving and guileless.

All of this proves the NRA correct: Guns don’t kill people; foxes and house pets kill people.

I have a strange feeling that I’ve seen these incidents in a Far Side cartoon before.


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