Face Stretching and Men Who Look Like Women

January 21, 2011

First, I’m highly skeptical that the woman in this advertisement is actually a woman. Secondly, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that ‘her’ face stretching exercise is not-so-subtly suggestive.

But whatever. I just think the ad is really funny. It’s not quite shake weight quality, but it’s worthy of a gander.

Slate.com says of the BodyFlex exercise advertisement:

“First, she instructs, make an “O” shape with your mouth, then drop it down so you’re stretching the top half of your face. Next, stick out your tongue. With your “O” mouth down and your tongue extended, look up to the sky and hold your breath. (Childers exhales and inhales as if she is sucking in the last bit of oxygen on Earth.)”

Check your local ordinances before exercising your face. It may be illegal to perform the BodyFlex stretch within 300 yards of a school.